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CIVITAS ELAN joins forces with Friends of the Earth Croatia

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 13:09
Zagreb , ELAN

In order to achieve better dialogue and communication with citizens of Zagreb, partners of CIVITAS ELAN are working on a better dialogue with another important stakeholder interested in matters of more sustainable public transport in Zagreb - environmental civil society organisations.

One of the most active in this field in Zagreb is Friends of the Earth Croatia (Zelena akcija). On 9th March 2011, Bernard Ivčić, Transport programme coordinator from CSO Friends of the Earth Croatia presented suggestions of traffic problems based on research of PT in Zagreb to CIVITAS ELAN partners and interested individuals. Presentation was based on comparison of traffic situation in Vienna and Zagreb, because the partner of Friends of the Earth Croatia comes from Vienna Austria. Analysis of research showed that the proportion of journeys per year per citizen in Vienna is higher than in Zagreb. Although Austria`s capital is more densely populated with its 1,7 million citizens then Zagreb -Vienna has decreased the percentage of motorisation since 2004 and in Zagreb the process went in a wrong direction - we are now facing an increase of motorisation.Suggestions of research are similar to CIVITAS ELAN activities. For example, CIVITAS ELAN and Friends of the Earth Croatia are both engaged in finding solutions for the installation of bicycle racks in the centre of Zagreb. Friends of the Earth Croatia also commented on the use of yellow lines which regularly results in traffic jams. One of the possible solutions would be to set up the high barrier. CIVITAS ELAN and Friends of the Earth Croatia will cooperate on similar topics in the future.

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