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CIVITAS DYN@MO seeks citizen participation at Annual city Festival in Koprivnica

Author: Dariya RUBLOVA
Posted on: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 23:00
Koprivnica , DYN@MO

On 4 November 1356 Koprivnica was granted the Rights and privileges of Free and Royal city by king Ludovic d'Anjoy. The annual city festival celebrates the date with presentations of local authority's  and citizen achievements in thier common effort of making Koprivnica a good place to live.

The big open-air celebration calls on all citizens to express their opinions and cherish the results of their efforts. This year CIVITAS DYN@MO turned to the citizens for advice and support in the development of the city's SUMP and received some valuable contributions. Besides unanimous support to traffic calming measures and innovative public transport to be developed in scope of the project, which was expressed by numerous adult citizens, perhaps the most valuable contribution came from children who proudly rode their bicycles and scooters in support of the project. The first electric car in the future municipal car-sharing scheme was also presented. The scheme will soon involve six vehicles to be used by the employees of the town authority and a dozen municipal companies.



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