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CIVITAS Day in Brno

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Monday, November 16, 2009 - 12:54

The CIVITAS BRNO Girls Team has presented the project CIVITAS during the European Mobility Week (from 16-22 September). Also information on cycling in the city, Nordic walking or the in-line racing were disseminated and lots of leaflets were given out. All this happened in the CIVITAS booth situated at the crossroad of Jostova and Ceskaa at the heart of the city. The first low-floor minibus was introduced to the curious public on the CIVITAS Day.

This minibus aims to increase the public transport attractiveness for the disabled and wheelchair users. The minibus has a capacity to transport either 6 wheelchair users or 20 passengers without wheelchair. In the afternoon the minibus served for 2 sight-seeing tours each about 15 minutes long. In co-operation with the league for wheelchair users “Liga vozíčkářů” the visitors were able to try to use wheelchairs to get a clearer idea about difficulties and obstacles that handicapped citizens have to overcome every day.A Summer Photography Competition had been organized by the CIVITAS BRNO team and the results were announced on the CIVITAS Day on 19 September. The competition was open to everyone regardless of age or ability and the theme was “Cleaner and better transport in the city of Brno”. The three winning photos were used for the production of CIVITAS postcards. The winner of the competition was René Rudzan with his photo “Star from KPN”. The 2nd prize was awarded to Veronika Kociánová and her “Ecological transport 1” and Martin Lukeš with his “Coffee at the terminal” won the 3rd prize.An afternoon programme was prepared for children, their parents and the general public. The Brno ELAN Girls Team, in co-operation with the Municipal Police of the City of Brno, organised games focused on transport and traffic regulations. Our CIVITAS Day was full of music and fun as you may see on Facebook (group CIVITAS BRNO).

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