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CIVITAS CARAVEL Transferability Workshop in Krakow

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Thursday, September 4, 2008 - 17:50
Kraków , CARAVEL

The CiViTAS CARAVEL Transferability Workshop in Krakow raised interest in CiViTAS throughout Poland.

CiViTAS CARAVEL organised and hosted the first “Transferability Workshop” within the CiViTAS Initiative. Car pooling and Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) measures implemented within CiViTAS CARAVEL and particularly by the City of Krakow where presented and discussed during this whole-day event on 20 June 2008. The CiViTAS CARAVEL Transferability Workshop took place at the Polytechnical University of Krakow and was held in Polish.Over thirty representatives from potential take-up cities and public transport organisations from all over Poland participated in this event and discussed framework conditions as well as barriers and drivers of successfully implementing car pooling and DRT measures in their cities. Additionally, site visits offered a detailed image and proof of the successful measure implementation in Krakow. Summing up, the measures presented in Krakow were very much appreciated by the attendees and were intensely analysed in separate working groups. According to this, both systems come along with advantages and disadvantages as the promotion of sustainable mobility on the one hand and high initial investment costs on the other hand. In particular for car pooling, safety problems were reviewed, whereas the lack of a public transport act was perceived as an obstacle for the implementation of the DRT in Poland. The main argument for DRT was the possible operation in off-peak periods and less densely populated areas. As regards the car pooling system, the attendees believe that the simple availability of reserved lanes for car pooling play a major factor in facilitating implementation. Overall, workshop participants agreed that an appropriate promotion campaign for both systems is the indispensable premise for a successful implementation. Workshop participants welcomed the idea of a deeper cooperation and suggested to establish a national network of interested starter and advanced cities in order to benefit from each others experience as well as their technical and operational know-how. The results of the workshop will serve as input to the planned CiViTAS CARAVEL Transfer and Take-up Guide. Furthermore, the representatives from the Polish cities of Kielce, Krakow, Rybnik, Szczecinek, Warsaw, and Wroclaw learned about CiViTAS and took home specific ideas and an understanding of the requirements for taking up or replicating CiViTAS CARAVEL measures in their own city.The invitation to the CiViTAS CARAVEL Transferability Workshop (in Polish) with detailed information about the Workshop is available for download.For more information please contact:Dr. Andrzej SzarataCracow University of Technologyul. Warszawska 2431-155 Kraków, Poland+48 (12) 628 25

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