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CIVITAS CAPITALised 2015 is a digest of the activities that took place in 2015 under the CIVITAS CAPITAL project, a support action of the CIVITAS Initiative. The publication categorises different activities under three broad themes: clean and resource-aware mobility, inclusive transport for a cohesive and healthy society, and smart mobility for smart growth and jobs. Each theme has a section dedicated to it.

In each thematic section, articles explore the theme in greater detail and explain the surrounding policy context on European and national levels. Activities featured include the Advisory Groups, CIVINETs, and Activity Fund projects. Furthermore, the CIVITAS Thematic Groups and their work are also profiled – these are managed jointly by CAPITAL and CIVITAS WIKI, the other CIVITAS support action currently running. Finally, relevant facts and figures point to other sources of information and further reading on the themes.

One further reports will be produced covering activities in late 2015 and in 2016.

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