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City Cycle routes set off in Iasi

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 09:57

Iasi has started the construction of the cycle route which will link the two major university campuses of the city. By this summer, students and teenagers will feature 10km of tracks for moving on bike, helping the community to build a new cycling culture.

The construction of the cycle route began in the Tudor Vladimirescu Campus, where almost 25,000 students lead their daily activities. Most of them are using bikes inside the campus, and they would like to have a connection to the Copou Campuses, to join their colleagues and friends.The 10km of cycle routes (2 lanes of 5 km) will cover the distance between the two campuses and will include cycle parking in strategic locations and special coloured designated space for cyclists, where the cycling routes cross roads or footpaths.The new facilities will be supported by a promotional campaign to encourage citizens to take up cycling. Different events and activities are presumed to be organised along the city cycle routes and will complete the Measure 59 of Archimedes Project in Iasi.Before and after implementation, an impact and process evaluation will be carried out. The initial ideas of relevant indicators refer to the number of cyclists on tracks, safety perceiving, the user perception of the bicycle parking facilities, bicycle accidents, and the car drivers awareness of cycling facilities. Street interviews and traffic survey are considered for the site evaluation to demonstrate the impact of this task.

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