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Carpooling in Porto

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Monday, January 31, 2011 - 16:24
Porto , ELAN

Within CIVITAS ELAN in the City of Porto, OPT- the company responsible for the study and development of a mobility platform for shared transport - has created a shared route.

The rota partilhada (shared route) web platform allows the users to plan and share trips in private cars, thereby improving the quality of life, reducing costs and optimising resources. Using the results of a market survey in the area of Asprela, the best service capable of meeting the needs of potential users was identified. The current system, in its test version, gives registered users the option to search for trips that meet their requirements and / or offer their own 'Travel initiative', which could later be requested and shared by other users. The user is free to choose whether they want to share their own vehicle or share a lift with others. The model of this platform is defined as a social network for sharing the profile data of its users, creating and managing friend groups and creating and managing trips. It also allows for the evaluation of users and trip managers, with the intention to guarantee confidence in the sharing service. The project “shared route” brings more benefits and greater flexibility to the search for the nearest route. It allows users to find the best time to meet their travel needs, provides both environmental and financial savings, and ensures that users no longer have to travel alone.Express your opinion and contribute to the development of a city closer to the needs of each citizen! You can collaborate by visiting

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