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Biograd na Moru

Biograd na Moru is a city of 5,500 inhabitants, located in Zadar county, Croatia, on the Adriatic coast. Biograd na Moru is 28 km south of the centre of Zadar and is well known for its tourist resorts. Tourism focuses the importance of air quality and noise, inviting transport issues into the agenda...

There are no data about the modal split in the city of Biograd, although in terms of transportation it is typical of a tourism-oriented city, with high levels of traffic in the summer and almost no traffic out of season.

Its strategic approach to transport management is currently defined by a transport strategy that was passed at the end of 2008. This has resulted in sustainable urban transport plans, the main targets of which include the promotion of less car intensive lifestyles, the development of collective passenger transportation, and the restriction of vehicular access to the city center.

Achievements to date include the building of new infrastructure, such as bicycle routes between Biograd and the surrounding villages. Challenges have included the handling of heavy summer traffic. Future plans include moving the international bus station out of the city center; excluding cars from the city center during the summer months; installing new traffic lights; and introducing a new local bus service running on biofuel.

Summary finalized: May 13, 2009


Marinela Borina