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ARCHIMEDES cities share results

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Monday, May 14, 2012 - 10:58

The penultimate ARCHIMEDES consortium meeting took place from 9 to 11 May in Donostia-San Sebastian. It served as an occasion to share the good results from all ARCHIMEDES cities!

The management team has welcomed the very good efforts from all the technical and evaluation groups that worked hard to explore and report on technical innovation in ARCHIMEDES, as well as the great efforts to evaluate and analyse to ensure that the knowledge gained is spread in the best possible way. All cities are ready to continue their commitment to pioneer urban sustainable mobility solutions and place great importance on the exploitation of results through efficient transferability actions. The participants gathered in different technical workshops to better share the lessons learned from their experiments of innovative solutions and take information back to their city. The four results workshops focused on: Collective Transport Management & Innovation; Parking Management & Access control; Hybrid and electric vehicles; and Traffic Safety   The workshops provided a platform to stress the drivers barriers for success that cities have faced and to brainstorm about solutions implemented and potential alternatives. To exploit these results, a special transferability workshop allowed the cities to reflect on the measures implemented by the other cities that would be transferable for them. This included the comparison of impacts and costs, as well as the preconditions needed before their implemention. In order to take advantage of being in San Sebastian, the local team took the participants on technical visits to various parts of the city on foot or by bike to show the mobility solutions implemented such as cycle lanes and tunnels, and the vertical transport solutions.  The ARCHIMEDES cities are entering the last phase of the project and while they are obtaining results, they are already planning dissemination actions to make sure that the knowledge gained is capitalised on.

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