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Accessible port freight mobility Information makes life easier for Tallinn

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Monday, April 4, 2011 - 10:56
Tallinn , MIMOSA

Under the CIVITAS MIMOSA programme, Tallinn City Council and Tallinn Univesity of Technology have teamed up with Port Authorities to improve freight traffic flow around the old port area in Tallinn with a mixture of old and new: Basic Clear Signage and GPS Technology.

Due to it’s location as freight gateway to Finland and Scandinavia, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia with a population of over 400,000, has the same transportation problems as a city of one million inhabitants. With freight transportation being such a large part of Tallinn’s make-up combined with the limited capability of Tallinn’s port roads for heavy transport, Tallinn’s port area is a major bottleneck. To add to the chaos, port traffic signs have traditionally been installed in line with the needs of building work. Conflicting signs frequently cause freight to take the wrong route resulting in congestion, environmental pollution and threats to road safety in the port area and the adjacent areas of the Old Town and city centre.Tallinn University of Technology carried out preliminary studies and surveys to streamline freight transport to and from the port area, defining portals, consoles and direction signage taking into account traffic corridor risks. Between May and December 2010, 42 planned traffic signs have been deployed. Additionally a GPS oriented navigation system has been installed. Truck drivers will now get adequate information about available truck routes on ferries (in the reception, buffets, etc). Instructions on how to download “Navi” map will be shown on notice boards and on leaflets. The map gives advice on choosing the right route from/to the harbour and is updated regularly to deal with special situations such as road construction, temporary restrictions, etc.Accessible Freight Mobility Information facilitated by CIVITAS MIMOSA is working to improve smooth freight in Tallinn benefiting rather than hindering the mobility of local people who use the same roads for their everyday trips.

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