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Aalborg's City Bike partnership extended

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 15:09

One of the most successful measures in the CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES project in Aalborg, the partnership for the city bikes in Aalborg, has now been prolonged for another year.

The city bike scheme has been running for three seasons. They are currently being maintained during winter and are all ready to hit the road again in April 2012. When the City of Aalborg started  the project, the sponsoring partnership was only foreseen to run for three years. But thanks to the popularity of the scheme and the benefits from the partnership, energy provider Vattenfall decided to extend the partnership with the City of Aalborg for 2012. The initial idea behind the city bike scheme was to provide an attractive and easily accessible system with high-quality bikes and a primary focus on students and visitors. In the first three seasons of the scheme, the city bikes have been used a lot, been treated well, and only a few have vanished.  The system started out with 137 bikes. The two following years it has been expanded and this spring more than 200 bikes in 21 locations will be available for citizens and visitors of the city. All in all, this measure proved to be one of the flagships of the CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES project in Aalborg. See the video from the opening of the City Bike Scheme in Aalborg in 2009

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