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The 40th anniversary of air pollution monitoring in Ljubljana

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, November 3, 2009 - 14:50
Ljubljana , ELAN

First pilot air pollution measurement in Ljubljana was put in operation in late 1967. Within the next year continuous monitoring was established. The monitoring has started according to standards of that time with measurements of sulphur dioxide and smoke.By the end of 2008 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of continuous air pollution measurements. Now the most important monitoring task is to measure the NOx, PM10 and benzene concentrations.

We still measure sulphur dioxide (SO2) even when it is not problematic anymore. The measuring point is located in the City center by the CIVITAS ELAN corridor. And the results? Being the city of smog in late sixties with annual SO2 of over 260 μg/m3 in 1968, Ljubljana has lowered the concentration to under 10 μg/m3 since 2006.During this long period pretty much everything has changed, from standards, measurement equipment to scope of pollutants, too. The society became aware and much more sensitive to air pollution in the city. The story of SO2 is the story of the past but it gives us good example that it is possible and worth trying. The story of today has begun with heavy traffic, PM10, noise and CIVITAS ELAN.

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