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2000 young people discuss travel plans in Iasi

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 - 17:16

Iasi collaborated with five universities and 11 schools, located on the Civitas-Archimedes Corridor, to perform an interview analysis on 1600 pupils and 400 students. Three types of travel plans were attached to the interview, and pupils and students answered the six questions in the questionnaire.

This work was realised under the Measure 37 - School Travel Plans in Iasi, one of 16 measures which will be implemented in Iasi within the Civitas Archimedes Project.First, Iasi distributed questionaires to 1600 pupils and 400 students, to give their opinion on the following topics: the study level, the distance need to be completed between home and school/university, the type of transport used to move from home to school/university and back, the type of transport they would like to use, and the fact that would encourage them to use other types of transport than private car.The data has been collected and analysed by specialists from the City hall and from the PT local company. Then, Iasi prepared three types of travel plans and sent them to the five universities and 11 schools, to be presented to students and pupils. The travel plans have been prepared, according to the following age groups:-7-11 years old, for primary school pupils (these children depend very much on the transport ensured by parents or by school);-11-15 years old, gymnasium pupils (these children partially depend on the transport ensured by parents or school, also using the public transport) -15-23 years old pupils and students (they travel mainly using the public transport means, independently of the transport ensured by parents or school).In the coming months, Iasi intends to encourage travel behavior change through public transport promotion campaigns, which will have a special section dedicated to pupils and students.

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