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Located in central greece 330 km north of Athens, Trikala is a gateway into the mountainous region of northwestern Greece. Trikala  is a city in northwestern Thessaly, Greece and the capital of the Trikala regional unit. According to the Greek National Statistical Service, Trikala is populated by 81,355 inhabitants (2011), while in total the Trikala regional unit is populated by 131,085 inhabitants (2011).

City Factfile

Population81.355 (2011)
Density133.70 in./km2


Trikala Today

Unlike many towns and villages in Greece, Trikala is quite flat – a fact that has contributed to the town becoming one of the most bike-friendly in the country. Three bike paths run through the city and bicycles for public use are even provided by the municipality at certain info points. One of Trikala’s nicest bike routes runs alongside the Lithaios River with its clean, cool air and swans and ducks. Easygoing and bike friendly, Trikala makes for a great jumping off point to explore the rich natural landscapes of Northern Greece.



Braki Efrosini
Civil engineer- Technical Department