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Santa Marta de Tormes

Santa Marta de Tormes

Santa Marta de Tormes is a town 5 km far from Salamanca, the main city of the province.

Area10.01 km2
Population14806  (2017)


Santa Marta de Tormes Today

Santa Marta de Tormes is commited to the sustainable development.

The Municipality is committed to promote cycling as a sustainable transport. In 2014, they opened new cycle path. In 2017, they invested in establishment of traffic playground for the schoolchildren’s road safety practices. The idea is to start with traffic education from the early age.

The implemented measures will have an impact on raising awareness about sustainability especially among young citizens. Their vision is a pollution free city, with a bicycle as a main transport mode and less usage of private cars.


  • Developing cycling infrastructure
  • balanced development of the urban area 
  • public spaces accessible to all inhabitants equally



Roberto Muñoz Alonso