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Living Lab - Olomouc

The city of Olomouc has approximately 100,000 inhabitants. It is the sixth largest city in the Czech Republic and the capital of the Olomouc region. It is situated in the centre of Moravia. Historically,  this was the Eastern part of the country, and Olomouc was also its capital.

Olomouc Today

In June 2018, the Olomouc City Council endorsed the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). This document was approved in a maximalist scenario proposing to invest more than 5 billion CZK (approximately € 0.2 billion) in measures to improve city traffic by 2030. The main goal is to reduce individual cars transport by around 6% by 2030 (from 31% to 25%), by increasing transport safety, reducing negative environmental impacts, improving the availability of public transport, cycling and pedestrian movement.

These include a parking policy that would restrict freight transport access to the city centre; the optimisation of the public transport (PT) system, which consists of 7 tramlines and 24 bus lines); and new clean, energy-efficient vehicles for the PT fleet. The city owns its PT provider, which in turn is part of a single, integrated public transport system that includes other operators and regional authorities.

The aim is to establish more flexible intermodal options for all users, including cyclists. For this reason, promoting and supporting sustainable transport modes, such as walking and cycling, has become a priority.

The city already has a cycling master plan, which was last updated in 2015. As the remaining phases of this are completed,  new cycle paths and lanes will be added to the network, along with the necessary infrastructure. Olomouc has long placed an emphasis on developing effective cycling policy. Ten years ago, it was awarded the BYPAD audit certificate in recognition of its quality.  

To improve walking, the city is hoping to create barrier-free routes for pedestrians. It also hopes to improve access for people with disabilities, both on surface routes and in PT vehicles.

Another important aspect of the transport plan is the finalisation of the city bypass. Doing so would take more motorised transport away from the city centre. At the moment, traffic is only being diverted away from a part of the city. Alongside this, a new traffic management policy will be developed and new ITS technology incorporated into the transport system.

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Lunacek Martin
Head of Development of Public Infrastructure