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New Filadeflia – New Chalkidona

New Filadeflia – New Chalkidona

The Municipality of New Filadelfia - New Chalkidona is located in the heart of Athens metropolitan area, north of the city center. It has 35,556 inhabitants and covers a total area of 3,730 km2. This includes a metropolitan park of great environmental value, an old refugee settlement, and four social housing districts. Moreover, one of the biggest football pitches in Athens is under construction within its boundaries.

New Filadeflia – New Chalkidona Today

The municipality acts as a hub between Athens center and the National Road Network (north gate). This connection comes from the Kifissos motorway, which has heavy traffic daily traffic flows. Public transport consists of nine trolley bus lines. Furthermore, three metro stations and three suburban train stops are located within adjoining municipalities. Parking demand within the area is considerably high.

Soft mobility is enabled in the old refugee settlement and the four social housing districts: The blocks there create common areas within the districts, with these areas connected by low speed narrow streets. Many of these are only accessible by pedestrians, bikes, and motorbikes. Dekelia’s Boulevard, which belongs to the main local road network, provides wide pedestrian spaces on both sides.

The diversity of the mobility patterns and increasing mobility flows are creating a challenging situation for the area. Despite the challenges, street planning in the area has enabled the sustainable management of mobility there. The municipality has  puts sustainable mobility at the top of its agenda: elaboration of the municipality's first SUMP will begon in 2018. Priorities in the near future include the creation of a low traffic network, the expansion of the pedestrian network, and the promotion of cycling.


Kosmas Anagnostopoulos
Consultant of the Municipality