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Living Lab - Mykonos

Mykonos, an island with a rich cultural heritage and traditional architecture, is a part of Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. It is located near the ancient Delos and has been inhabited since the 5th millennium B.C. It has been one of the most popular tourist islands of the Mediterranean since the 1950’s and is nowadays a global destination.

Mykonos Today

The municipality of Mykonos focuses on clean vehicles and alternative fuels. Specifically, it has already modernized the municipal fleet by using diesel vehicles and providing services to use electric vehicles to travel from the Old Port to the shore in Chora.  For the safety of the passengers, the municipality focuses on traffic signs which are very important for traffic regulation in the island. In the summer period, there is a problem with road congestion mainly due to the huge number of summer visitors. Unfortunately, there are no traffic lights on the island but only roundabouts. However, the municipality of Mykonos developed and is now implementing a plan to replace lights as part of the road network to solar lights. Regarding urban freight logistics, there is a directive restricting permissible hours for driving through Chora as it has been identified as a traditional settlement where no vehicles are permitted to pass through. Moreover, the municipality organizes different events promoting walking and cycling for all citizens.


Anna-Maria Ioannidou
External Associate