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The Municipality of Kythnos is a small island municipality of 1.310 inhabitants, located in the west of the Aegean Sea, part of the Cyclades island group. It is well-known as an alternative tourism destination with a remarkable natural beauty, numerous beaches and thermal springs.

City Factfile

Admin.regionSouth Aegean
Area100.2 km2
H. elevation297 m


0 m


Kythnos Today

Kythnos is a small island (99,432 km2) characterized by its hilly terrain, numerous bays and beaches (92) and the very distinctive Cycladic landscape. The island is a short ferry ride away from Athens. Sea transportation is frequent, especially during the summer months, with ferries connecting the island to two major ports of Attica, Lavrion and Piraeus, on a daily basis.


Transportation on the island of Kythnos is, at the moment, mostly based on conventional motorised means of transport. During the summer, more specifically, tourists move by motorbikes or taxis, whereas public transportation on the island consists of buses that serve only the main settlements. However, Kythnos, being a destination that promotes walking tourism, offers an extensive network of hiking trails connecting the small villages and cultural attractions. Furthermore, the villages of Kythnos are notable for their winding, and often stepped, streets that are essentially car-free.


It is worth noting that the island of Kythnos has been a pioneer in the direction of sustainable development, as the first Wind Park in Europe has been operating there since 1982. The hybrid Wind-PV-Diesel Park was later expanded, with the installation of the first Photovoltaic Park in Greece, as well as the first Smart Grid project. The significant history of Kythnos of implementing pilot innovative applications continues with the European WiseGRID project. Horizon 2020, through WiseGRID, provides funding for a significant number of pilot demonstration applications in electricity distribution networks with different characteristics. Within this framework, the Municipality of Kythnos is the first island in the Aegean to install charging station for electric vehicles.

The Municipality is aspiring to turn Kythnos into a ‘’Smart Island’’, with a mild development of Renewable Energy Sources, infrastructure, tourism and mobility, that will secure the island’s environment and will upgrade the living standards of the residents. As a result, the Municipality has taken action for the elaboration of an SIMP promoting sustainable mobility on the island.

European Projects related to Sustainable Mobility:



Iliou Giorgos
Vice Mayor