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Kaunas is the second biggest city in Lithuania and has a rich history, beautiful landscape and strong industrial sector. Located on the confluence of the two biggest rivers in Lithuania, the Nemunas and the Neris, Kaunas has a strategic role from both the military and trade perspectives.

Kaunas has a population of 381,000. With a population density of 2,427 people per square kilometre, it is among Lithuania’s most populous cities.

Under CIVITAS I, Kaunas focused on the development of its urban transport network, in particular on pricing strategies and the stimulation of public transport use. Kaunas was the first city in Lithuania to present minibus timetables along with bus and trolleybus timetables on the public transport website. This form of public transport integration was based on negotiation and the changing of administration processes, including the gradual integration of minibuses into the general public transport system and the installation of related information at bus stops.


Tadas Metelionis
Head of Development Programs and Investments Unit