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Farkadona  is a municipality in the southeastern Trikala regional unit, part of Thessaly in  Greece. In 2011 its population was 2,652 for the town and 13,396 for the municipality. It is located about halfway between the cities Larissa to the east, and Trikala to the west, at about 30 km from both. It is situated in the Thessalian Plain, near the river Pineios. Farkadona is on the Greek National Road 6 (Larissa - Trikala - Ioannina - Igoumenitsa).

City Factfile


District of Trikala,

Region of Thessaly,

Central Greece

Population:13.400 inhabitants

small cities and villages,

low-height mountains,

plain, rivers,

archaeological sites


agriculture, livestock,


services, industries


Farkadona Today

Municipality of Farkadona is a complex of 18 medium or small rural towns and villages, following the “open city” model of urban planning. The challenge is to connect all the towns with sustainable modes of transport. The main axes of the municipal mobility policy are:

  • The “smart city” initiatives, like the “intelligent bus-stop”, which offers a high-level services to the users of the public transport means and to the pedestrians
  • increasing the use of the “clean” means of transport, like the electric or the conventional bikes. Organization of promotional activities such as bike rides and the other similar events
  • Encourage of walking: introduction of the permanent measures like the pedestrian areas and the LED public lighting create the ideal conditions for this mode of transportation inside the municipality
  • The mobility education to the pupils and students: beside the conventional seminars or art and play events, municipality provides the methods of experiential learning, like the creation of road-crossings and the traffic police role playing
  • The dissemination of the sustainable mobility principles via many different ways: leaflets, screen spots on the intelligent bus-stop, arts and play events, car-free days etc.
  • The combination of culture and mobility: Municipality has prepared an architectural study for the creation of “cultural paths” towards archeological sites on it's territory

Mobility actions:

  • The Intelligent Bus-Stop, Students in Action (as Traffic Policeman), Seminars, Flyers, Creative Pupils (Arts and Play), Electric Bikes, Pupils in Action (Creation of Road-Crossings), Bike Rides, Car-Free Days
  • Golden Participant 2016, Best City Silwer Award 2017, Best Practices Webinar 2017, Smartcities#crowdhackaton 2017

Widely spread habits among road users in the Municipality Farkadona:

  • Respect of the pedestrians. All the road crossings in municipality are without traffic lights: the priority always is given to the pedestrians
  • Carpooling for the daily commutes, because the two closest urban centers are on 30 km distance

Next steps:

  • The combination between the most popular local modes of transport: bicycle and bus
  • The combination between Health and Mobility Public Policies, following the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the World Health Organization, especially the goal 11

The municipality has not developed a SUMP yet.


Konstantinos Asikis ;
Head of the Planning Department