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Living Lab - Codlea

Codlea is a charming small town next to Brasov in Transylvania, Romania, with german background. Its ambition is to become The biking city of Romania.

City Factfile

Codlea has a SUMP together with the Metropolitan Area of Brasov:

Codlea Today

Population The city has a population of more than 19.000 inhabitants

Geography and History Located in Brasov County, on the foothills of the Codlea Hill, the town of Codlea is as old as the Black Citadel (Cetatea Neagra), the fortress built by Teutonic Knights in this area in the 13th century.

How to get there  Codlea is accessible by car or bus from nearby Brasov. A large city and an important transportation hub, Brasov can easily be reached from Bucharest and other places in Transylvania by train or by car. The city’s airport is currently under construction, with the nearest international airport being located in Sibiu.


Erwin Albu
Deputy Mayor