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Banja Luka

Living Lab - Banja Luka

Banja Luka is a city of 199.191 inhabitants, which lies on the River Vrbas in the Republika Srpska. It is a financial, economic, political, educational and administrative center of the country. Banja Luka is well known in the counties of the former Yugoslavia for having tree-lined avenues, boulevards, gardens and parks. Therefore, due to a large number of green areas, Banja Luka is called ’a city of greenery’. Moreover, it is also known as a city of young people, sports and culture.

Banja Luka Today

Banja Luka belongs to a large family of the European cities promoting sustainable development. The city’s most important goals are sustainable mobility, better environment and combating climate changes. The city implements various actions to improve quality of air and build a cleaner and healthier environment for its inhabitants. The big variety activists are implanted under the slogan “think globally, act locally”.

Sustainable urban mobility measures

  •  BL Bus App (mobile App for the users of public transport buses shows schedules, real-time information, city and suburban lines labeled with different colors: the App provides bidirectional communication)
  •  BL Bike- Banja Luka is the only city in Republika Srpska that has bike sharing system
  • chargers for e-cars- Banja Luka it is the only city in Bosnia and Hercegovina with EV chargers on public spaces (6 chargers on 2 public spaces)
  • reconstruction of pedestrian zone
  • Zero parking zone
  • play-out street- the street in the city center turned into pedestrian zone during the weekend in the Summer time.

Banja Luka was the winner of the  CIVITAS “Transformations”  Award 2018


Slavko Davidovic
Roads and Traffic Department