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Ampelokipoi–Menemeni is a municipality of the Thessaloniki Urban Area in the regional unit of Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece. Geographically, it belongs to the Prefecture of Thessaloniki and occupies the northwestern side of the Thessaloniki Conurbation, bordering with the Municipalities of Delta (West), Kordelio – Evosmos (Northwest), Pavlou Mela (North), Neapolis – Sykeon (East), Thessaloniki (Southeast) and surrounded by Thermaikos Bay in the south. Its total area is 591,73 hectares and morphologically it is classified as lowland.

      Due to the passing of the main road and railway ways to the city of Thessaloniki, the municipal community of Menemeni features limited residential development, and, compared to other western Municipalities, has few urban residential areas. This urban area is connected to the municipal community of Ambelokipoi, which is fully developed residentially. The population, according to the 2001 census is 56.092 residents (40.959 residents in the Municipality of Ambelokipoi and 15.133 residents in the Municipality of Menemeni), today however, just before the new census and according to estimates of local officials and Municipality representatives, it is estimated that the new Municipality has approximately 90.000 residents.

Ampelokipi-Menemeni Today


Tasos Papadimitriou
City consultant