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Welcome to the latest Forum Network members

Welcome to the new cities that joined the CIVITAS Network in tha past months.
Arrived: Nov 2016
With the goal of reducing traffic to sustainable levels without harming the local economy, Pisa decided to introduce a congestion fee for the city center and major traffic roads. Due to the various di...
Arrived: Dec 2016
Aims Improve overall urban accessibility Reduce congestion and journey delays Tourism trends in Malta are extended in the traditional shoulder months.  The mobility system must therefore be adapted to...
Arrived: Dec 2016
Aims Create an attractive destination through interventions in sustainable urban mobility Adapt mobility system to deal with emerging demands; Introduction of new formats of communication to gather st...
Arrived: Dec 2016
Modal Share Workers      Train, tram (2%)      City bus, coach, long-distance bus (13%)      Company busses and schoolbusses (0.40%)      Private car (driver) (59,5%)      Private car (passenger) (3...
Arrived: Dec 2016
Modal Share        Pedestrians (15.10%)      Public transport (13%)      Cycling (0.40%)       Taxis and others (4.50%)       Private car (67%)     Challenges Increase the use of sustainable urba...
Arrived: Dec 2016
Aims Improve overall urban accessibility - Improve the image and attractiveness of the city as sustainable tourism destination Help the city to address the mobility problems facing during the touristi...
United Kingdom
Arrived: Dec 2016
Arrived: Dec 2016
Modal Share          Car as driver (34.63%)      Bus (19.96%)      Car as passenger (11.42%)      Train (0.18%)      Other Public Transport (0.44%)      Motorbike/Moped/Scooter (13.12%)      Cyclin...
Arrived: Dec 2016
Modal Share          Walking (6.8%)      Cycling (1.3%)      Public transport (43.5%)      Other (incl. car) (48.4%)         Challenges Improvement of transport system The transport system will be...

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31/05/2017 to 02/06/2017
The ITF’s 2017 Summit on Governance of Transport will explore the trends shaping transport governanc...
31/05/2017 to 02/06/2017
ECOMM 2017 European Conference on Mobility Management Wednesday 31 May 2017 at 08:00  Friday 02 Jun...
13/06/2017 to 16/06/2017
Velo-city 2017 Velo-city 2017: the conference with a world class content program and renowned speak...

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