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Traffic Snake Game tracking device
Traffic Snake Game tracking device

Application Area

  • Data gathering

Tool Type

  • Hardware

Target Audience

  • Metropolitan regions


The Traffic Snake Game tracking device is robust, waterproof, tamperproof and can be attached to schoolbags or carried along. It allows collecting GPS data for target groups that do not use smartphones or tablets, for example school children. In the Traffic Snake Game campaign, it is used to collect data on pupils’ journeys to school.

For schools that participate in the Traffic Snake Game, the device reduces the work for teachers. In comparison to simple hands-up surveys with pupils it also collects more reliable and detailed data (modal choice, trip length, trip duration and chosen route). In addition, parents receive a link to the route of their child.

The collected data is available in real-time to schools and teachers via a user-friendly interface. This allows schools to estimate the modal split of the school, map the routes according to the used mode and its evolution in response to mobility campaigns. The tracking data will allow teachers and schools to respond to these evolutions on a day-by-day basis and to encourage pupils during the campaign.

Good Example

Release scheduled for mid to late 2018

Input Data

Names of pupils, e-mails of parents, classes, school’s location

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Basic Information

January 2017
A few minutes to order and hand out/install the tracking device; A few hours to analyse the data
Mobiel21 provides training within the framework of the Traffic Snake Game. The data is visualised on a map and straight-forward to understand.


Mobiel 21 / DTV Consultants

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