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PEBBS Policy Framework for Smart Public-use Bike Sharing
PEBBS Policy Framework for Smart Public-use Bike Sharing

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This strategic document supports cities and local municipalities to guide them through the process of implementing a new bike sharing system, to systematically assess new offers for such systems, to improve and promote current systems and to upgrade and grow existing bike sharing fleets. It was developed by the PEBBS Platform (Platform for European Bike Sharing and Systems), which was founded by the European Cyclists' Federation.

This framework helps local administrations and transport authorities of cities to understand the role of bike sharing schemes in their mobility plans and provides best practice examples to ensure that bike sharing is fully embraced as an essential component of a city’s public transport network.

It captures a broad range of bike sharing services and technologies to complement the city space and provides advice for policy makers and city authorities when making decisions on implementing or allowing bike sharing services. The factors considered include:

  • user needs;
  • registration;
  • city environments;
  • technologies;
  • servicing;
  • balancing of stock;
  • pricing; and
  • data sharing.

This is not a ‘how to’ guide or a step by step instruction to implementation, rather it is meant to provide advice about how to create suitable context conditions for bike sharing systems to thrive in.

Good Example

It has been used to assess the growth of 'Pirate' bike share systems, and has been used as a guide for a joint position on these bike systems with UITP (International Association of Public Transport). See

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July 2017
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Platform for European Bike Sharing and Systems (PEBBS) founded by the European Cyclists' Federation and

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