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Isochrone Generator (plugin)
Isochrone Generator (plugin)

Application Area

  • Dissemination and communication

Tool Type

  • Method / Approach
  • Mobile app
  • Software

Target Audience

  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


Isochrones indicate the total area that can be reached within a given time and by means of a given mode of transportation. They support accessibility analyses. Historically, isochrones have helped answer questions like:

  • “What kind of foot traffic can we expect for a store, at this location?” or
  • “If we put a bus stop there, how many riders will live within a 5-minute walk?” or
  • “How many homes can a firehouse serve within a 10-minute drive?”

This plugin helps you to generate your own isochrones, right in your browser. With a starting location and Mapbox access token, the plugin will calculate isochrones up to 60 minutes via driving, cycling or walking.

Good Example

One example is a 60-minute isochrone emanating from just north of London. If you compare how far a car can travel northward, away from the city, compared to the squeeze entering downtown directly to the south where you'd have to cross the Thames, you can see how visually effective this way of communicating travel times is. More info on the blog.

Input Data

Works in conjunction with map data, routing engine and JS web application; ideally using OpenStreetMap data via

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Basic Information

June 2017
Free of charge available to use on Github, however the price depends on the commercial end product.
Expert knowledge required; time to apply depends on how far the rest of the web application is set up.
Expert knowledge required.



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