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EU Survey
EU Survey

Application Area

  • Data gathering

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  • Other

Target Audience

  • Metropolitan regions


EUSurvey is the European Commission's official multilingual online survey management tool that can also be used free of charge by all European citizens. It facilitates the creation and publication of globally accessible forms, such as user satisfaction surveys, public consultations or registration forms.

EUSurvey provides a wide variety of elements used in forms, ranging from the simple (e.g. text questions and multiple-choice questions) to the advanced (e.g. editable spreadsheets and multimedia elements). It boasts a broad range of further features such as customizable forms, dependent questions, scheduled publishing, a user interface in 24 languages, online security,  advanced privacy through anonymous form, invitations sent directly from the application,  customisation of the look and feel, saving of draft contributions, offline answering, enhanced contrast, uploading of supporting files and collaborative editing. Results can be displayed as histograms, percentages or in full detail and can be exported to standard spreadsheet formats for further analysis in statistical applications. They can also be published on a dedicated webpage within the application.

EUSurvey is freely available for public and private use at Administrations and organisations that will use EUSurvey more frequently can also deploy, free of charge, the EUSurvey open source version on their own instance. The OSS download is available at

Good Example

EUSurvey is used by the European Commission as its official survey management tool for official surveys of public opinion and for internal communication and staff management. EU public administrations, NGOs and cities have also used this tool for many different purposes.

Input Data

EUSurvey is accessible by EU Login, the European Commission's authentication service. The EU Login credentials can be created from a link on the EUSurvey homepage.

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Basic Information

February 2017
Free of charge
From as little as 30 minutes up to several hours to set-up complex surveys
No external training is required. A short and very helpful online training course is available on the EUSurvey homepage. FAQs and a quick start guide can also be found on the EUSurvey page, in the section "Documentation".


DG DIGIT at the European Commission

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