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Service improvements

Putting the costumer first

Urban congestion can be addressed by encouraging high-quality and innovative energy efficient public transport, including integration with other transport modes.

In the field of collective passenger transport CIVITAS cities have worked on intermodality; better ticketing and tariffing; accessibility; and service improvements. This highlightfocuses on the last of these.

Widening and simplifying the public transport network is an important step towards better public transport services, for instance by redesigning the network layout or enhancing frequency and operating hours. Innovations such as flexible, on-demand public transport services can provide a compromise between cheap traditional public transport with fixed routes and timetables and expensive private cars and taxis which allow total freedom.

The modernisation of infrastructure can make the entire voyage by public transport more comfortable with high-quality vehicles and comfortable waiting facilities. Staff trainings teaching drivers customer service skills or safer driving techniques contribute to more comfortable travel conditions as well.

CIVITAS encourages new ways to maximise the potential of local public transport systems. The CIVITAS Initiative has realised 26 innovative measures in 23 different cities on improved public transport services from 2002 to 2012. Read the CIVITAS highlight on service improvements to learn about some of the most successful and eye-catching among these to inspire other European cities.