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Document | 01/07/2014 | CARAVEL, SUCCESS | Malmö, Kraków, Toulouse, Norwich, La Rochelle, Ploiesti, Preston, Malmö, Kraków, Norwich, La Rochelle, Ploiesti, Preston, Genova | Brochures
ticketing system|tariffs scheme|booking and ticketing|stakeholder and citizen involvement|legal and regulatory framework|CIVITAS II|Demand management strategies|Policy Advice Note
Document | 13/10/2011 | MODERN | Brescia | Full Evaluation
booking and ticketing|smart-phone applications|Awareness
Document | 03/07/2014 | MIMOSA | Bologna, Perugia | Result pub.
ITS solutions|traffic control management|access control|booking and ticketing|CIVITAS PLUS II|Event Agenda|Event evaluation|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 17/06/2011 | Presentations
Presentation|booking and ticketing|network design and development|multimodal transport|coordination and cooperation|CIVITAS PLUS II
The report summarises the results of a study undertaken on behalf of the European Commission by the EC Smartcards Study consortium including AECOM, the lead consultant, The Transport Operations Gro
Document | 17/06/2014 | Library
Collective passenger transport|Ticketing and tariffs|ticketing system|Transport telematics|ITS-based enhancement for public transport|booking and ticketing
Document | 26/06/2014 | CARAVEL | Kraków | Results
booking and ticketing|CIVITAS II|Transport telematics
Document | 06/10/2014 | Other
Mobility Management|Mobility Management|ITS-based enhancement of public transport|Information provision on PT|real time information|travel planners|smart-phone applications|mobility offices/mobility centers|booking and ticketing