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Document | 17/07/2013 | SUCCESS | La Rochelle, Ploiesti, Preston | Brochures
Urban Delivery Centres|freight quality partnerships|alternative vehicles|access restrictions|routing|CIVITAS II|Logistics and Goods Distribution
Document | 09/11/2011 | SMILE | Norwich | Results
Urban Delivery Centres|freight quality partnerships|alternative vehicles|Fuel consumption|Vehicle speed|Emissions|CIVITAS II
Document | 20/07/2014 | Presentations
vehicle optimization|freight quality partnerships|Urban Delivery Centres|CIVITAS PLUS II|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 21/07/2014 | Hasselt | Presentations
Urban Delivery Centres|last-mile solutions|alternative vehicles|freight quality partnerships|CIVITAS PLUS II|CIVITAS PLUS II
The Pembina Institute, a Canadian environmental think-tank, just released the report “Improving Urban Freight Efficiency: Global best practices in reducing emi
News | 20/04/2017
The Plan's mission is to “bundle, innovate and optimise” freight traffic in Utrecht and make it greener.
News | 09/02/2011 | MIMOSA
On February 3rd, the Utrecht City Council voted unanimously for the Freight Traffic Action Plan 2010-2015 and voted with a large majority for the Clean Traffic Action Plan 2010-2014.Dissent for the
News | 04/03/2011 | MIMOSA
Connekt, an independent institution for businesses and governmental organisations support 250 so-called innovators.
News | 21/10/2011 | MIMOSA
The second multi-purpose vessel (MPV) is based on the existing "Beerboat" and comes with several added features including transportation of larger and heavier cargo, waste collection and the abilit
News | 21/10/2011 | MIMOSA
The study tour for all CIVITAS network cities welcomed 25 participants from Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Italy.  Participants could hear, feel and experience the sustain
News | 13/02/2013 | MIMOSA