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The CIVITAS Thematic Group Collective Transport was present at this Joint International Conference organised by the IPA-Adriatic projects:
Events | 02/12/2013 | Bari
Document | 17/07/2013 | ELAN | Ljubljana, Ghent, Porto | Brochures
Transport telematics|Mobility Management|alternative fuels|Intermodality|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 17/07/2013 | SUCCESS | La Rochelle, Ploiesti, Preston | Results
Accessibility|Intermodality|Service improvements|Ticketing and tariffs|CIVITAS PLUS II|CIVITAS PLUS II|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 17/07/2013 | SUCCESS | La Rochelle, Ploiesti, Preston | Results
Intermodality|Ticketing and tariffs|ITS-based enhancement of public transport|Real-time road user information|CIVITAS PLUS II|CIVITAS PLUS II|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 17/07/2013 | ELAN | Ghent, Ljubljana, Porto, Zagreb, Brno | Brochures
Mobility Management|sustainable urban mobility plans|Mobility Planning|Intermodality|public consultation|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 30/06/2014 | SMILE | Norwich | Results
real time information|interchanges|inclusive design|User acceptance/satisfaction|CIVITAS II|Modal split|Intermodality
Presentation of Cosimo Chiffi (TG Collective Passenger Transport) held at the joint INTERMODAL & ADRIMOB projects transnational meeting “Intermodality in Adriatic” - Bari, 3 December 2013
Document | 26/06/2014 | Presentations
multimodal transport|Intermodality|Walking and cycling enhancements/services
Exclusively devoted to safe parking, rental and maintenance of bicycles, the new facility will meet the growing demand of commuters, tourists and students.
News | 15/01/2015
CIVITAS Webinar "Bikes on Buses"
Events | 18/11/2015
Document | 18/11/2015 | Agenda
Intermodality|Webinar|Event Agenda
Several measures have been already developed and tested in different CIVITAS cities.
News | 18/11/2015
Backside racks and the TB service in Funchal, Claudio Mantero, Horarios do Funchal
Document | 07/01/2016 | Funchal | Presentations
Collective passenger transport|cycling/walking promotion|Intermodality|multimodal transport|Walking and cycling enhancements/services
Document | 29/04/2016 | Agenda
Hybrid, clean and electric vehicles|Intermodality|Event Agenda|Air quality|Clean fuels and vehicles|Cleaner fleets
Document | 24/05/2016 | Practical Information
Training|Walking and cycling enhancements/services|Intermodality|Safety and security


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