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The city centre of Brno suffers under the steadily increasing traffic caused by supply of shops and business premises, as well as by transport of large shipments.
Mobility Measure | 14/11/2013 | Brno
Distribution schemes
As economic growth is often linked with a surge in traffic, Iasi wants to coordinate freight transport to reduce the environmental impact and avoid an unnecessary load on the city centre.
Mobility Measure | 17/12/2013 | Iasi
Distribution schemes
Ústí nad Labem is located at a railway junction on the important waterway Elbe, and in the near future, it will be fully connected to the major motorway D8 that links Prague with Dresden.
Mobility Measure | 17/12/2013 | Usti nad Labem
Distribution schemes
Over the past 10 years a number of urban consolidations centers have been introduced in the UK.
News | 24/04/2014
Document | 02/05/2014
Urban freight logistics|Distribution schemes
Document | 13/10/2011 | MODERN | Craiova | Full Evaluation
legal and regulatory framework|last-mile solutions|Freight movements|Distribution schemes|Awareness|User acceptance/satisfaction|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 28/09/2012 | MIMOSA | Utrecht | Results
Distribution schemes|CIVITAS PLUS|Logistics and Goods Distribution
Document | 27/02/2013 | MODERN | Vitoria - Gasteiz | Full Evaluation
Distribution schemes|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 21/10/2014 | RENAISSANCE | Bath | Result pub.
Urban freight logistics|Distribution schemes|urban freight plan|Urban Delivery Centres
In the City of Göteborg there was a large quantity of distribution transport and transport through the city.
Mobility Measure | 29/10/2014 | Göteborg
Distribution schemes
One of the biggest industrial and commercial development projects in the history of the city is the development of the northern riverbank of the Göta Älv, in the Lundy district.
Mobility Measure | 29/10/2014 | Göteborg
Distribution schemes
In the framework of CIVITAS CATALIST, the City of Berlin organized a workshop on “Clean Urban Freight and Passenger Transport”.
Events | 17/07/2013
Prior to measure implementation, access for distribution vehicles in the city centre was organised via special distribution areas accessible throughout the day, with only two streets subject to ti
Mobility Measure | 25/10/2011 | Rotterdam
Distribution schemes
Prior to measure implementation, residents of urban areas close to one of the city’s port districts suffered from high levels of noise due to heavy goods vehicles parking in residential streets.
Mobility Measure | 25/10/2011 | Rotterdam
Distribution schemes


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