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Citizen involvement in the policy process was at the core of Zagreb’s mobility activities within CIVITAS.
Document | 12/11/2014 | ELAN | Zagreb | Result pub.
Mobility Management|Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation|stakeholder and citizen involvement
Thanks to CIVITAS, Skopje created a plan for a sustainable transport system to alleviate transport problems and to build a long-term policy for sustainable development in the city.
Document | 13/11/2014 | RENAISSANCE | Skopje | Result pub.
Mobility Management|Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation
“Integration" is the word that defines planning in the city’s living lab area: it describes both the approach being adopted and the interconnected nature of measures within the PORTIS project. 
News | 06/02/2018 | PORTIS
People’s mobility is becoming an increasingly important basic need in the modern world.
Events | 17/07/2013
At this webinar, Reggio Emilia - winner of the 2012 CIVITAS awards for Public participation- of Brighton & Hove, Krakow and the CIVITAS ELAN project presented their experience with public part
Events | 17/07/2013
The DYN@MO Summer University is a competence building event organized by the Universitat de les Illes Balears in co-operation with its partners of the CIVITAS
Events | 17/07/2013
Lack of direct customer orientation at the product launch phase often hinders customers’ acceptance of innovative measures for cleaner and better transportation in cities.
Mobility Measure | 08/11/2011 | Berlin
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation
Experience has shown that local support for transport projects is higher when a consultation process takes place, involving individuals and organisations that are likely to be affected by the proj
Mobility Measure | 03/11/2011 | Bristol
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation
Ever-increasing traffic congestion compelled the public administration to devise and experiment with new mobility control methodologies aimed at reducing pollution and improving air quality.
Mobility Measure | 08/11/2011 | Genova
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation
One of the main objectives of the Regional Plan for Traffic and Transport in the Rotterdam Region is to strengthen the city’s position as a major European port.
Mobility Measure | 25/10/2011 | Rotterdam
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation
Members of the public tend not to participate actively in the planning of urban mobility and need to be informed of the various opportunities and services on offer in the new mobility culture that
Mobility Measure | 03/11/2011 | Burgos
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation
As a way of tackling high levels of pollution and increasing congestion, Ploiesti aimed to construct new facilities for cyclists and pedestrians, improving accessibility, security, and connections
Mobility Measure | 03/11/2011 | Ploiesti
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation
Under the leadership of the mayor of Krakow, stakeholders in the transport planning process, including municipality departments, public transport companies, associations of public transport passen
Mobility Measure | 09/11/2011 | Kraków
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation
To develop the Szczecinek Transport Strategy and the Noise Reduction Plan in order to create the vision of sustainable transport in the city.
Mobility Measure | 04/03/2013 | Szczecinek
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation|Integrated Planning
It is of utmost importance for Skopje to recognize the transport problems and to try to make its transport system more sustainable.  Therefore, the Plan for sustainable urban transport system in Sk
Mobility Measure | 12/02/2013 | Skopje
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation|Integrated Planning


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