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Document | 02/05/2014
Mobility Management|Mobility Planning
Document | 17/07/2013 | ELAN | Ghent, Ljubljana, Porto, Zagreb, Brno | Brochures
Mobility Management|sustainable urban mobility plans|Mobility Planning|Intermodality|public consultation|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 11/01/2018 | ARCHIMEDES | Aalborg | Brochures
Mobility Planning|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 03/10/2014 | Other
Mobility Management|Mobility Management|Integrated Planning|Mobility Planning|sustainable urban mobility plans
Document | 10/10/2014 | Other
Mobility Management|Mobility Management|Mobility Planning|mobility plan / travel plan|home-to-work plan
The City of Ghent sought to achieve a modal shift towards more sustainable transport modes for trips to cultural events.
Document | 12/11/2014 | ELAN | Ghent | Result pub.
Mobility Management|Mobility Planning|mobility plan / travel plan
In recent years, issues surrounding increasing car dependency, congestion, air pollution and lower quality of life have made Ljubljana realise that its transport planning needed a revised approach.
Document | 13/11/2014 | ELAN | Ljubljana | Result pub.
Mobility Management|Mobility Planning
The SUPERHUB European Final Conference titled “Smart Mobility in Changing Cities” will take place on November 26th at the Expo Gate in M
Events | 19/11/2014 | Milano
The Conference, titled “Smart Mobility in Changing Cities”, will showcase the open platform, with its applications, developed over three years of research by SUPERHUB project to provide citizens wi
News | 19/11/2014
Les réseaux CiViNET francophone et ENDURANCE organisent conjointement, avec le soutien du Gart et du ministère du développement durable, un atelier francophone d’échanges sur les SUMP (plans de mob
Events | 17/04/2015
Document | 30/04/2015 | Agenda
Trainings|Event Agenda|Mobility Management|Mobility Planning
Document | 23/10/2015 | Other
Reports and Resources|Mobility Management|home-to-work plan|Mobility Planning


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