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During the R&D phase and following the SUTP manual, Guidance for stakeholders (EC, DG Environment), measure implementation started with identification and involvement of stakeholders: general p
Measures | 12/02/2013 | Gorna Oryahovitsa
Mobility Planning|Integrated Planning
To develop the Szczecinek Transport Strategy and the Noise Reduction Plan in order to create the vision of sustainable transport in the city.
Measures | 04/03/2013 | Szczecinek
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation|Integrated Planning
It is of utmost importance for Skopje to recognize the transport problems and to try to make its transport system more sustainable.  Therefore, the Plan for sustainable urban transport system in Sk
Measures | 12/02/2013 | Skopje
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation|Integrated Planning
Tram stop in Porto
With the finishing of the studies, Porto aims now to launch a competitive public tender for the design, construction and operation of what will be the multimodal interchange point in the North of t
Measures | 17/10/2012 | Porto
Integrated Planning|Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation
Congestion in Asprela, Porto
The main objectives of the measure were to:
Measures | 05/11/2012 | Porto
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation|Integrated Planning
freight trucks
Ústí nad Labem has a target to reduce proportion of residential areas located in areas exposed to traffic noise levels above 65 dB.
Measures | 18/03/2013 | Usti nad Labem
Integrated Planning
The redevelopment started in 2006 and will finish in 2020.
Measures | 13/12/2012 | Ghent
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation|Integrated Planning
City of Brno together with its partners in public transport planning aims at incorporating customers’ needs into its transport planning by means of establishing the mobility dialogue.
Measures | 03/06/2013 | Brno
Integrated Planning
Increasing car dependency, congestion, air pollution and lower quality of life has made Ljubljana realize that current approach to transport planning has to be changed.
Measures | 31/08/2013 | Ljubljana
Mobility Planning|Integrated Planning
The main objectives of this measure were:
Measures | 24/04/2013 | Aachen
Mobility Planning|Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation|Integrated Planning
Gdynia's SUTP was elaborated within the BUSTRIP project
Although Poland has a well-established planning culture and espouses cross-sectoral approaches, active involvement of citizens and stakeholders is a novelty in Polish cities.
Measures | 14/05/2013 | Gdynia
Mobility Planning|Integrated Planning
While elaborating the dynamic SUMP in CIVITAS-DYN@MO’s project Advancing towards dynamic S
Measures | 26/04/2013 | Gdynia
Multi-stakeholder consultation/public participation|Mobility Planning|Integrated Planning
The modal shift in Gdynia has been undergoing a considerable change from public transport (PT) to private cars since the early 1990’s. Today, the share of public transport in Gdynia is 52%.
Measures | 26/04/2013 | Gdynia
Integrated Planning
According to a survey before the DYN@MO, the overall modal shift in the town centre was 57% vs. 43% but commuter transport is less sustainable (70% vs. 30%).
Measures | 05/06/2013 | Koprivnica
Mobility Planning|Integrated Planning
In 2001, the city conducted a pre-diagnostic study about the mobility situation in Palma. Updates followed in 2009 on sectorial plans for cycling, pedestrian areas and parking.
Measures | 06/06/2013 | Palma
Mobility Planning|Integrated Planning


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