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Gender differences in mobility patterns emerge from the literature research and real-life experience.
Interaction | 03/04/2014
SUMP is very prominent at this ECOMM. It will be in the key-note speech and there are four sessions on SUMP: A2, B2, C2, D2.
News | 24/04/2014
Document | 03/05/2014
Integrated Planning
COM(2013) 913 final - Together towards competitive and resource-efficient urban mobility
Document | 17/06/2014 | Library
Integrated Planning|Public Involvement|Clean fuels and vehicles|Collective passenger transport|Demand management strategies|Transport telematics|Mobility Management|Safety and security|Urban freight logistics|Car independent lifestyles
Document | 17/06/2014 | Library
Integrated Planning|sustainable urban mobility plans
What is the purpose of the CIVITAS Thematic Groups? How can you become involved? This document gives a short introduction to the discussion groups on the CIVITAS Interactive Platform.
Document | 23/06/2014 | 2MOVE2, DYN@MO, 2MOVE2 (FR), DYN@MO (FR) , DYN@MO (PL), 2MOVE2 (PL), DYN@MO (DE), DYN@MO (IT), DYN@MO (ES), DYN@MO (HR), 2MOVE2 (DE), 2MOVE2 (IT), 2MOVE2 (ES), 2MOVE2 (CS), 2MOVE2 HE | Practical Information
Thematic category|Integrated Planning|Public Involvement|Clean fuels and vehicles|Collective passenger transport|Safety and security|Demand management strategies|Transport telematics|Mobility Management|Car independent lifestyles|Urban freight logistics
Integrating sustainable transport with other policies is vital given the increasing need to demonstrate value for money in public projects. 
Events | 27/06/2014
Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUM
Events | 27/08/2014
The involvement and participation of citizens and stakeholders in the sustainable urban mobility planning process is necessary in order to obtain public legitimacy and create a plan that satisfies
Document | 04/09/2014 | DYN@MO, DYN@MO (FR) , DYN@MO (PL), DYN@MO (DE), DYN@MO (IT), DYN@MO (ES), DYN@MO (HR) | Aachen | Brochures
Sustailable urban mobility|Planning|Planning process|Acceptance|Integrated Planning|stakeholder and citizen involvement|sustainable urban mobility plans|Public Involvement|smart-phone applications
On October 2nd and October 3rd the Eurocities Mobility Forum will be held in Venice. A special session will be dedicated to the Pumas project objectives and local activities.
Events | 10/09/2014
The second Policy Analysis focuses on the topic of gender-sensitive mobility planning.
News | 20/09/2014
The mobility and transport planning will face major challenges: Urbanization, demographic change and new technologies.
Events | 25/09/2014


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