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Due to its unique topography, Stuttgart has severe problems with air quality and noise in some areas of the city centre.
Mobility Measure | 19/11/2013 | Stuttgart
Hybrid, clean and electric vehicles|Mobility Management|Car-sharing|Public bicycles / bicycle sharing
Document | 02/05/2014
Car independent lifestyles|Car-sharing
Document | 29/04/2013 | MIMOSA | Bologna | Full Evaluation
Document | 05/07/2013 | ARCHIMEDES | Aalborg | Results
Car-sharing|CIVITAS PLUS|Mobility Management
Document | 04/01/2012 | ARCHIMEDES | Aalborg | Summary Evaluation
Document | 16/04/2014
Document | 26/06/2014 | CARAVEL | Genova | Results
CIVITAS II|Car independent lifestyles|Car-sharing
Document | 01/07/2014 | SUCCESS | La Rochelle | Results
Mobility Management|Public bicycles / bicycle sharing|Parking management/pricing|Car-sharing|Ticketing and tariffs|Intelligent transport systems (ITS) for traffic monitoring, management and enforcement
Document | 03/10/2014 | Other
Mobility Management|Mobility Management|Car-sharing|electric vehicles
The provision of alternatives to the car is an essential component of any comprehensive strategy for transport in and around European cities.
Document | 20/10/2014
Cluster Report|Car-pooling|Car-sharing
From regular public transport lines to demand responsive transport, car-pooling, car-sharing and other private initiatives what are the current challenges faced by low density areas in providing a
Events | 13/01/2015
Sharing a vehicle, whether it’s a car or a bicycle, has many advantages such as saving money for the individual and improving the environment due to fewer vehicles on the road.
Document | 20/10/2015 | DYN@MO, DYN@MO (PL), DYN@MO (DE), DYN@MO (IT), DYN@MO (ES), DYN@MO (HR) | Palma, Gdynia | Brochures
bike sharing|Public bicycles / bicycle sharing|car clubs|Car-sharing|Car independent lifestyles


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