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CIVITAS VANGUARD, CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES and the CIVITAS thematic group ‘Less car intensive lifestyles’ held a first webinar on how to encourage a sustainable shift in mobility behaviour away from the
Events | 17/07/2013
During peak hours, many of the cars circulating in the centre of Rome have a single occupant travelling to work.
Mobility Measure | 14/10/2011 | Roma
As part of the city’s efforts to reduce congestion in the city centre, the measure aimed to improve car-occupancy rates in areas not well served by public transport and to provide park and pool fa
Mobility Measure | 08/11/2011 | Graz
Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary and houses one of the biggest universities in the country.
Mobility Measure | 03/11/2011 | Debrecen
In 2004, the inhabitants of the Toulouse conurbation made 3,635,000 trips a day, 64 percent of which were by private car with, on average, 1.27 people per car.
Mobility Measure | 02/11/2011 | Toulouse
Prior to measure implementation, car pooling (that is, two or more people who share the same journey origin and destination deciding to share a vehicle and split journey and parking costs) existed
Mobility Measure | 09/11/2011 | Potenza
In the early 1960s, car ownership grew dramatically and the road network expanded. The need to travel to out-of-town facilities such as supermarkets and leisure centres also increased.
Mobility Measure | 09/11/2011 | Norwich
Every day there are around 750,000 commuters in the Stuttgart region; 205,000 cars enter Stuttgart each day while approximately 58,000 commuters drive from Stuttgart to the surrounding region.
Mobility Measure | 02/11/2011 | Stuttgart
There was no official car-pooling scheme in Krakow prior to measure implementation, although it was popular among university students and employees who informally shared information about car trips
Mobility Measure | 09/11/2011 | Kraków
To encourage and reward participants in the carpooling three pilot sites were selected, close to which some parking for cars carrying fleets of commuters will be reserved.  A private company will b
Mobility Measure | 06/10/2011 | Perugia
parked cars
In Craiova, like many cities in Romania, the private car is the most popular and convenient mode of transport, especially for commuting to work.
Mobility Measure | 13/10/2011 | Craiova
Photo Gallery | 01/07/2011 | MIRACLES | Roma
Photo Gallery | 01/07/2011 | TRENDSETTER | Graz
Photo Gallery | 01/07/2011 | MOBILIS | Debrecen


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