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SWD(2013) 527 final - COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT - Mobilising Intelligent Transport Systems for EU cities
Document | 17/06/2014 | Library
Transport telematics|ITS-based enhancement for public transport|ITS solutions|Intelligent transport systems (ITS) for traffic monitoring, management and enforcement|Real-time road-user information
CIVITAS MIMOSA and CIVITAS VANGUARD held a training workshop on advanced telematics for urban transport improvement. The training workshop provided:
Events | 17/07/2013
The CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES project is coming to an end.
Events | 17/07/2013
At the start of the MIRACLES project, a number of traffic and travel display systems were located around Winchester city centre.
Mobility Measure | 02/11/2011 | Winchester
Real-time road-user information
Prior to the implementation of the infomobility platform, conventional travel and traffic information services existed in the city but were not integrated and were focused mainly on traffic congest
Mobility Measure | 03/11/2011 | Genova
Real-time road-user information
Prior to measure implementation, a limited amount of traffic information was available to freight operators and other transport system users through a variety of media: on-street signs, Internet,
Mobility Measure | 09/11/2011 | Norwich
Real-time road-user information
The implementation of all system components has been completd.
Mobility Measure | 12/02/2013 | Perugia
Real-time road-user information
The City of Ghent has its own parking guidance system, which displays the latest number of parking spaces available in ten different parking garages spread throughout the city centre.
Mobility Measure | 13/12/2012 | Ghent
Real-time road-user information
Mobility Services – SMS
As part of its efforts to improve traffic flows, increase safety, reduce congestion and provide better mobility information to citizens, the city of Funchal  developed and installed/provided an SM
Mobility Measure | 11/04/2013 | Funchal
Real-time road-user information
The main aim of this measure was to provide the different transport mode users with an effective communication system, to support their modal choices and trip plans, in order to achieve economical
Mobility Measure | 27/02/2013 | Vitoria - Gasteiz
Real-time road-user information
During a previous EU-funded initiative, namely the MODERN project, the city of Brescia worked on building a new light automatic metro line.
Mobility Measure | 13/10/2011 | Brescia
Real-time road-user information
Before DYN@Mo, there was no incident detection system in the City of Gdynia or in the region.
Mobility Measure | 14/05/2013 | Gdynia
Intelligent transport systems (ITS) for traffic monitoring, management and enforcement|Real-time road-user information
Installed in the months of December at the busiest public transportation stop, electronic LCD panels now show the arrival times of public transport vehicles in real time.
Press Clippings | 31/01/2013 | MIMOSA
Real-time road-user information|ITS-based enhancement of public transport
Brescia Mobility Channel brings traffic news in real-time but also informs on free parking spots and the availability of Bicimia
Press Clippings | 05/01/2012 | MODERN
Real-time road-user information|ITS-based enhancement of public transport
Along with 20 other cities around the world Aalborg launches a competition which will help to solve various urban challenges, such as traffic congestion.
Press Clippings | 26/11/2012 | ARCHIMEDES
Real-time road-user information|Mobility marketing and awareness raising


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