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In Monza, a system has been set up which allows the urban public transport operator to monitor its service in real-time.
Mobility Measure | 17/12/2013 | Monza
ITS-based enhancement of public transport
Document | 02/05/2014
Transport telematics|ITS-based enhancement of public transport
Document | 17/07/2013 | SUCCESS | La Rochelle, Ploiesti, Preston | Results
Intermodality|Ticketing and tariffs|ITS-based enhancement of public transport|Real-time road user information|CIVITAS PLUS II|CIVITAS PLUS II|CIVITAS PLUS II
Document | 11/05/2014 | MOBILIS | Debrecen | Results
ITS-based enhancement of public transport|public transport priority
Document | 06/10/2014 | Other
Mobility Management|Mobility Management|ITS-based enhancement of public transport|Information provision on PT|real time information|travel planners|smart-phone applications|mobility offices/mobility centers|booking and ticketing
This measure aimed to improve accessibility and public transport provision for people who are blind or partially sighted in Brighton & Hove by providing audio devices, known as react units, or
Document | 21/10/2014 | ARCHIMEDES | Brighton and Hove | Result pub.
Transport telematics|Real-time road user information|ITS-based enhancement of public transport
During CIVITAS Plus, Porto aimed to develop a decision making tool for public transport, in order to help people plan trips based on the real time information of different operators.
Document | 13/11/2014 | ELAN | Porto | Result pub.
Transport telematics|ITS-based enhancement of public transport
  A CIVINET UK & Ireland / MobiWallet event Hosted by Centro, Birmingham, Tuesday 24 November 2015  
Events | 10/08/2015
Tuesday 24 November 2015, Birmingham, hosted by Centro. Updated programme now available.
News | 10/08/2015
Document | 01/10/2015 | Policy note
Policy notes|Policy advice notes|trip optimization and ITS solutions|Intelligent transport systems (ITS) for traffic monitoring, management and enforcement|ITS-based enhancement of public transport|traffic control management|traffic optimization
Document | 01/10/2015 | Other
workshop|cycling/walking promotion|smart-phone applications|ITS-based enhancement of public transport
Document | 02/11/2015 | Agenda
Public Transport|ITS-based enhancement of public transport|ITS solutions
Launched by Horários do Funchal (HF), the operator of the island's bus services, ARDITI, a regional agency for development research and technology innovation, and the Madeira Interactive Technologi
News | 26/10/2017 | DESTINATIONS
Cases can include innovations to conventional public transport schemes, privately run solutions, and public-private partnerships both in urban and rural areas.
News | 28/03/2018


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