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The new buses run on CNG and will significantly improve the quality of urban life in the City of Ljubljana.
News | 31/01/2012 | ELAN
The biodiesel will be the same product that 50 of the urban buses in Aalborg have been using since 1 October, 2010.
News | 13/01/2012 | ARCHIMEDES
Interaction with locals and businesses was based on a two-way approach looking at why and how to get stakeholders moving in the right direction.
News | 16/08/2011 | MIMOSA
Designed to carry heavier and bigger loads than its predecessor, the new version Cargohopper II also comes with the added features of a larger action radius and faster speeds.
News | 18/10/2011 | MIMOSA
Public transport by tram provides results in increased capacity and an efficient mobility option for passengers.
News | 18/10/2011 | MODERN
During the bus trip, a host provided information and facts about Aalborg and about green transport. On average, the shuttle bus had more than 1,000 passengers per week.
News | 19/10/2011 | ARCHIMEDES
The city decided to experiment with a hybrid bus to reduce the environmental impact of the public transport fleet in the city and especially lower PM10 pollutants.
News | 24/10/2011 | ARCHIMEDES
Coimbra’s CIVITAS MODERN research project for the integration of mini-hydro renewable energy in the trolleybus traction lines and in the electric battery operated minibuses has been achieving inter
News | 02/11/2011 | MODERN
In a conference organised by the Portuguese Central Region Administration on the Air Quality of the Region, some of the preliminary conclusions on the feasibility of the production of energy at the
News | 05/01/2012 | MODERN
Zoran Janković has been mayor of the Slovenian capital since October 2006 and was re-elected in October 2010.
News | 14/12/2011 | ELAN
Since March 2011, three rounds of EV trials have been ongoing among ordinary families in Aalborg. So far experiences have been positive.
News | 19/12/2011 | ARCHIMEDES
As part of this agreement, the Centre for Environmental Studies of Vitoria Gasteiz (CEA) and HIRIKO will develop activities aimed at changing urban behaviour, namely to decrease the use of conventi
News | 03/02/2012 | MODERN
During the CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES project, DonostiaBus has been testing different buses with hybrid technology. In 2008, the IDEAS 1 of MAN was tested for several weeks.
News | 06/02/2012 | ARCHIMEDES
The processing technology used was Vacuum Infusion with open moulds made of plywood with hand lay-up lamination, which is usually used to manufacture large ship hulls.
News | 02/03/2012 | ELAN
The current waste disposal boat deals only with waste from bars and restaurants located along the canals wharfs in Utrecht.
News | 07/03/2012 | MIMOSA


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