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On the cycle lane going south a bicycle counter has been installed.
News | 26/08/2011 | ARCHIMEDES
Representatives of the Municipality of Bologna, ATC and CIVITAS MIMOSA were also present.
News | 09/09/2011 | MIMOSA
Together with four events organisers, Utrecht has just launched a campaign to encourage people to go to events by bike, public transport or walk.
News | 05/10/2011 | MIMOSA
Three photos were chosen by the jury of the photo contest “Mobility in my neighbourhood”.  The main idea behind the contest organised by ODRAZ for the second year in a row now was to engage citizen
News | 19/09/2011 | ELAN
Thousand of people are admiring the posters when passing by and hopefully will be inspired … to jump on their bike as well.
News | 21/09/2011 | ELAN
In September and October, seven VIP-arrangement were developed in cooperation with the Ghent cultural venues and the Flemish environmental board. VIP service for cyclists Citizens who like to go to
News | 18/10/2011 | ELAN
Already 1,300 inhabitants in Ghent are car sharing with Cambio.
News | 25/11/2011 | ELAN
Along with other more traditional campaigning elements, the QR codes play an important role in a web-challenge to raise awareness and change attitudes towards the car sharing scheme in Aalborg. The
News | 19/12/2011 | ARCHIMEDES
The city bike scheme has been running for three seasons.
News | 01/02/2012 | ARCHIMEDES
RicaricaMI is the mobility card for the city of Milan.
News | 07/02/2012 | ARCHIMEDES
This time – it`s all about car-pooling. The video was presented to the public at the CIVITAS ELAN info-point during one of the Cycle Wednesdays in trams on 7 March, 2012! See the video here or on t
News | 16/04/2012 | ELAN
On 6 March, partners of recently established Slovenian Platform of Sustainable Mobility, in cooperation with CIVITAS ELAN team in Ljubljana, organized a development conference in the City Hall, ent
News | 29/03/2012 | ELAN
With the words above, site manager Jens Mogensen kicked off a two hours event to celebrate the launch of the fourth City Bike season in Aalborg. The event took place on Saturday 31 March at one of
News | 02/04/2012 | ARCHIMEDES
The Bicycle Hire Service in Vitoria-Gasteiz has recently ceased operations.
News | 11/04/2012 | MODERN
The Municipality of Brescia has organised a training course addressed to representatives of companies, agencies and schools to promote sustainable transport within critical routes such as home-scho
News | 24/04/2012 | MODERN


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