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News | 21/10/2011 | MIMOSA
The second multi-purpose vessel (MPV) is based on the existing "Beerboat" and comes with several added features including transportation of larger and heavier cargo, waste collection and the abilit
News | 21/10/2011 | MIMOSA
Designed to carry heavier and bigger loads than its predecessor, the new version Cargohopper II also comes with the added features of a larger action radius and faster speeds.
News | 18/10/2011 | MIMOSA
Under the supervision of MIMOSA’s evaluation manager at the Berlin Institute of Technology, studies are underway to see the transfer potential of Utrecht’s very successful beer boat to the centre o
News | 24/11/2011
The current waste disposal boat deals only with waste from bars and restaurants located along the canals wharfs in Utrecht.
News | 07/03/2012 | MIMOSA
On 6 March, partners of recently established Slovenian Platform of Sustainable Mobility, in cooperation with CIVITAS ELAN team in Ljubljana, organized a development conference in the City Hall, ent
News | 29/03/2012 | ELAN
The four parking zones (Kuiperskaai, Lange Boomgaardstraat and two zones in Brabantdam) feature parking ticket machines.
News | 10/04/2012 | ELAN
Easy, fast, and reliable delivery is essential to keep the commercial heart of a city alive.
News | 23/07/2012 | MIMOSA
The study tour for all CIVITAS network cities welcomed 25 participants from Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Italy.  Participants could hear, feel and experience the sustain
News | 13/02/2013 | MIMOSA
The city of Rotterdam would like to invite Dutch speaking colleagues to the final event of the project Bio Fuel.
Events | 17/07/2013
In the framework of CIVITAS CATALIST, the City of Berlin organized a workshop on “Clean Urban Freight and Passenger Transport”.
Events | 17/07/2013
Photo Gallery | 19/11/2013
Photo Gallery | 10/10/2012
Photo Gallery | 10/10/2012
Photo Gallery | 10/10/2012


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