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The pact is based on a simple principle, namely the respect for human life and the protection of pedestrians and cyclists.
News | 15/09/2010 | ARCHIMEDES
The participative and highly visual event started on the 19 September at 10.00 when the citizens placed their 86 cars in two rows on the Paseo de la Concha.
News | 21/09/2010 | ARCHIMEDES
The main idea is to influence travel behaviour by providing mobility information towards people (campaigns, expositions, brochures, special activities, web site management, special events) and at t
News | 26/01/2011 | ELAN
The 50 buses that started using 10 percent.
News | 08/10/2010 | ARCHIMEDES
All participants received specific CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES equipment for cycling activities - a t-shirt, a backpack and a flask.
News | 08/10/2010 | ARCHIMEDES
The co-operating parties for Accessible Utrecht decided to continue the special Public Transport Pass into 2011, offering commuters a viable alternative to traffic jams.
News | 11/10/2010 | MIMOSA
Two of the most important and effective events in terms of achieving the goal were knowledge-sharing events between Ljubljana and Copenhagen, titled ‘CIVITAS ELAN open academy: Establishing Cycling
News | 26/01/2011 | ELAN
A special triumph was the CIVITAS day, which made Ljubljana city centre dance!
News | 26/01/2011 | ELAN
In place of traditional posters and leaflets, interactive mobile phone and internet communication was chosen on pupils’ own terms.
News | 26/10/2010 | ARCHIMEDES
In Romania, universities reopened their doors on 1 October.
News | 10/11/2010 | ARCHIMEDES
In different parts of the inner city 20 to 80% reduction has been measured in the number of cars, and with the additional measures of limiting speed, limiting freighters’ access and re-organizing c
News | 21/06/2005 | TRENDSETTER
The core element of the new system are the more than 200 vehicles of the taxi fl eet 878.
News | 25/07/2005 | TRENDSETTER
Graz, the capital of the Austrian province of Styria, is a city of cyclists. Children, who use the bike for going to school and in their leisure time, make up a large proportion of cyclists.
News | 21/11/2005 | TRENDSETTER
The objective of the possible new action is to ensure that the available experiences are exploited up to a maximum level; that a continued knowledge transfer from the CIVITAS I cities will take pla
News | 22/08/2005
The main outputs from the PAC are short, policy-styled notes, which highlight pros and cons, establish priorities and stress the policy relevance of the CIVITAS goals and achievements.
News | 18/08/2005