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This achievement becomes even more impressive when compared to the overall downward trend of 5 percent in Spain.
News | 16/01/2012 | ARCHIMEDES
Travelling with public transport will be simpler and more seamless with the travel smart card, replacing the hassle of different forms of payment.
News | 01/08/2011 | ARCHIMEDES
Within the ARCHIMEDES measures in Monza, one is aimed at experimenting and implementing a demand-responsive service within the city using smaller vehicles to transport passengers.
News | 06/09/2011 | ARCHIMEDES
The office block houses 350 employees of different departments. Occasionally, employees need a car for external meetings.
News | 20/09/2011 | ELAN
The photo competition ran from 15 April till 31 August 2011.
News | 21/09/2011 | ELAN
Before hitting the drawing board, Tallinn’s transport department first started with its customers and potential customers! How effective is the information service design for everyone?
News | 18/10/2011 | MIMOSA
Launched as a pilot project during 2009 European Mobility Week, it was the first measure implemented in Funchal as part of CIVITAS MIMOSA. Results show that by the end of 2010, the Green public tra
News | 26/10/2011 | MIMOSA
Based on interviews with 617 citizens at 17 survey locations, new information about citizen’s usage and expectations of intermodal transport and interchanges in Ljubljana have been received until J
News | 09/11/2011 | ELAN
Over the past 10 years, large infrastructural investments have resulted in new impressive motorways, bridges and tunnels in Funchal that provide the basis for an efficient public transportation sys
News | 23/11/2011 | MIMOSA
The implementation of the new e-ticketing system by Coimbra's municipal urban transport service (SMTUC)  was completed on 1 February 2012.
News | 15/02/2012 | MODERN
The study, carried out by the transport operator for North Jutland (NT) and Aalborg Municipality, shows that as much as 31 percent of travel card customers expect to travel more by bus and train in
News | 15/02/2012 | ARCHIMEDES
At Transport Ticketing 2012, the city of Brescia presented the Omnibus Card that provides access to several transport services developed in an integrated way. Giandomenico Gangi in charge of Mobili
News | 23/02/2012 | MODERN
The ten ticket vending machines purchased as part of this measure are waiting for the weather in Iasi to improve in order to be installed along the CIVITAS corridor, while the last fine-tunings are
News | 13/03/2012 | ARCHIMEDES
The announcement coincides with the launch of a new communication campaign for the integrated season contactless smart card.
News | 27/03/2012 | MIMOSA
Increasing cleaner and better transport in cities means also dealing with social inclusion.
News | 29/03/2012 | MODERN


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