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Safer roads, bike and foot paths

Car-free and carefree

An urban transport system needs road infrastructure and means of transport that are safe and secure for all users. CIVITAS looks into new ways to ensure the safety of urban travellers, including pedestrians and cyclists, in order to make sustainable transport options feasible and attractive.

In the field of safety and security, CIVITAS cities worked on enhancing passenger securityand on safer roads, bike and foot paths. This highlight offers insights on the latter subcategory.

The measures to achieve safer roads, bike and foot paths are varied and include innovations in road surface materials, better road and pavement markings, improved signage, safer crossings and junctions and improved illumination. Vulnerable road users can be further protected through reduced speed zones and intelligent speed adaptation (ISA),as well as through training and awareness raising activities. Special attention is often devoted to the vicinity of schools. Traffic surveillance, which may be undertaken by accident monitoring centres, can form the basis for safety and accident-prevention plans.

In order to reduce accidents and protect those using sustainable transportmodes, the CIVITAS Initiative has realised 13 measures on safer roads, bike and foot paths in 12 different cities from 2002 to 2012. Read the CIVITAS highlight on safer roads to learn about some of themost successful and eye-catching among these to inspire other EU cities.

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