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Mobility Measure

Promoting sustainable mobility among tourists

An app is being developed that allows tourists to select attractions based on their interests and find out how to arrive to these destinations using sustainable modes of transport.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The app aims to encourage tourists to use sustainable modes on their trips, and in the process take highly polluting vehicles off the road.


The following are the objectives which the app aims to achieve:

  1. Improve the quality of information available to visitors;
  2. Reduce transport-related emissions;
  3. Encourage sustainable transport behaviour;
  4. Reduce the amount of highly polluting vehicles on the road and encourage a modal shift towards public transport.

How will this be achieved?

Developed by the University of Malta, the app will provide tourists with a trip itinerary for reaching popular destinations. When doing so, it will take into account the inputted depature and and arrival times and opening hours of the attraction(s) in question.

Tourists will also only be provided with information on how to arrive using sustainable means of transport. The apps utilises navigational technology.

How did the measure progress?

The developer embarked on a consultation with the various relevant stakeholders and conducted desktop research to understand what information and apps were already available to visitors. This served as a gap analysis and identifying the user needs that the new app needed to meet. Ultimately, the outcomes of this research determined the specifications for the app.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The app was developed and launched in August 2019. A marketing campaign targeting tourists was rolled out in multiple places. Google Ads were utilised, with the app also promoted in the arrivals section of Malta International Airport and on Air Malta flights. 

Basic Information

MAL 6.3
December 2016

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