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Achieving cleaner urban freight - CIVITAS Urban Freight Conference 2018

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Friday, May 11, 2018 - 12:44

In the context of growing cities and environmental constraints, the management and delivery of freight in urban areas has become a huge challenge. Urban areas have become highly polluted, with congestion bringing whole towns and cities to a standstill. The success of e-commerce and delivery services are likely to exacerbate these problems in the future.

Over the past three years, four CIVITAS projects CITYLAB, NOVELOG, SUCCESS and U-TURN, have been conducting research regarding the negative impacts of freight transport.  

At a joint final conference held in Brussels from 23-24 April 2018, the projects presented their results and the solutions and tools they have developed to bring about cleaner urban freight transport. Over 150 participants took part - amongst them were policy makers, researchers, and businesses.

The event was interactive and included presentations, debates, poster sessions and exhibitions, breakout and training sessions, workshops and awards.

Sessions explored current efforts for promoting new cooperation models and engaging and supporting public-private partnerships for urban logistics, whilst the event also featured an interactive dialogue between European and US stakeholders.

One of the conference highlights was the presentation of the SUCCESS Award, which went to Transport for London (TfL), the public transport authority in the UK capital.

Robert Missen, Head of Unit at DG MOVE’s research and innovation, remarked that London serves as a best practice example in fostering construction logistics improvement using wide number of voluntary and mandatory actions.

To see all presentations and posters from the event, click here.

Find out more about the projects on their respective websites: CITYLAB, NOVELOG, SUCCESS, U-TURN.

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