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Find the right tool(s) for integrated planning in the CIVITAS Tool Inventory

Author: Boehler-Baedeker Susanne
Posted on: Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 12:37

One of the highlights of the CIVITAS Forum 2017 was the launch of the CIVITAS Tool Inventory. In a session for practitioners, almost one hundred participants got to know four tools for data gathering, appraisal, and simulation in detail, all of which were selected from the new online Tool Inventory.

The session started with a presentation of the Tool Inventory and its functionalities. The online database of over 100 tools and methods helps local authorities make better informed decisions about which planning tools to apply in their given local context.

Following this, participants broke off into four groups to receive a demonstration and discuss the utility of four selected tools for data gathering, appraisal, and simulation:

The Tool Inventory features a broad range of tools and methods – including guidelines, software, manuals, mobile apps, games, and planning approaches – that are useful for all steps of the urban mobility planning process, from scenario building and measure selection to implementation and evaluation.

To find the tool most relevant to their needs, users can filter the selection in many ways. Today, a new way to navigate the CIVITAS Tool Inventory has been launched on the SUMPs-Up website - view it here.

Tool providers can also add their tools to make them better known to the urban mobility community. After a quality check for relevance to practitioners in local authorities, the tools are published on the platform, helping to connect the most useful tools with prospective users.

    All the presentations from the session, along with all other conference presentations, can be found on the CIVITAS Forum materials page.

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